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    Back Again to huge Naxos

    My dear readers, as promised I gave Naxos another opportunity  to show me its beauty … and that amazingly happened last Summer.naxos portara

    As you know I had the opportunity to visit Naxos long time ago – and it even was by chance! I did not properly planned it and it happened that I spent 1 night in Naxos where we: got lost, had our motorcycle broken &  got lost and slept in the most awful room I ever booked ;) But sometimes if you are a traveler, in August and you have not booked anything … well it may happen :)

    This time though I was prepared :) and started already at beginning of April to look for info about a) where to stay, b) what to visit and c) where to eat !

    I must admit that with great surprise Naxos seems to have lot of fans so – it was extremely  easy for me to look for info and get bet tips ever from my colleagues. Eleni, Andreas and George helped me to plan my perfect first vacation with our little daughter Carmen in the beautiful island of Naxos.plaka naxos

    First question was – where to stay ! The island is pretty big and I really  had no idea about where to stay ….  The only thing I remembered from my previous trip was about a long bay with lot of nice houses, villas right facing the sea …… in  Plaka beach –   strongly suggested by my dear friends too :) – that was of course my choice !

    Plaka is a very long beach that has many hotels, studios and villas right facing the beach – so very convenient if you are staying there and you have also your accommodation at 50 mts distance :) All restaurants, shops are located at the very beginning of Plaka that makes all the area then pretty quite and relaxing …. only a dirty road runs all along the coast , where  people enjoy walking night and day  listening to the sea and watching the stars in the night …..

    Second question – what to see.  (Please also have a look at my previous post where talk about what to see). Here below you will find additional info mostly about Villages that I had no time to visit during my previous stay in Naxos.

    First of all consider that Naxos is really huge- it is the biggest island of Cyclades …..  If you are looking for an island with lot of history and many nice villages to visit, Naxos could be your right choice !naxos chora sepia

    First of all I considered all suggestions that my friends  gave me and we visited all villages and places they  strongly recommended us.
    Naxos has lot of mountains and many beautiful villages well hidden :) but the village  I loved best was the one called Apoiranthos – with amazing  Chora, castle, fantastic view and beautiful houses most of them made of marble that make they shine under the sun, making your walk even more interesting.

    At the beginning nice shops welcome you  – herbs shops, ceramic shops and then you a sweet and salty smell is leading you to the chora …. a nice “creperie” and 2 restaurants are waiting for you to spend some time there ….   In Apoiranthos we had a nice lunch in a very characteristic restaurant with an amazing balcony and view   – I cannot remember the name of it but it is the second (and last) you find on your left

    Another village we liked is Filoti – have a walk and visit the old brewery.  Kynidaros is another village pretty far from the Chora but it is worth visiting mostly for dinner at Vasiliarakos Restaurant . This restaurant is very famous for its sausages ! You should know that the owner of the restaurant is a butcher and from one side you find the shop and from the opposite side the entrance to the restaurant. The entrance of the restaurant located in the main square of the pedestrian Chorakouros

    Dimitra Temple – already described in my previous post is worth visiting – and last but not least the Kouros Statue at Melanes Village – huge ancient statues of young men that have been abandoned by the sculptors long time ago.

    Beaches – Apart from Plaka that  is really nice, huge, quite but quite windy …..  my favorite beach is Mikri Vigla also because even in windy days it is repaired and you can enjoy the beach. We had amazing time there with Carmen enjoying the sea :)

    Third and last questions – Where to eat – Restaurants – well .. forget about fish if you come to Naxos (apart from the port area) – Naxos is very famous for its meat, goats and sausages. I strongly recommend to avoid the Chora / castle area that is very nice for a walk but too touristic for dinner …. If you are looking for nice restaurants and real greek and good cousine I strongly recommend Axiotissa Restaurant, close to Mikri Vigla – for me the best of the island :). At Plaka you can find Picasso – a Mexican restaurant to try if you are tired of Greek food and also do not forget Waffle in Plaka for a nice dessert and icecream! you will love them !

    Have a look at my comment on trip advisor


    I strongly recommend this island to families, people that have pets since beaches are huge and you can easily find a place to lay down with your dog – without annoying anybody.

    Ciao !


    φιλακια !

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