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Back to Greek Maldives – Koufonisia

My dear readers,koufonisia
yes finally  I did it ! I managed to go back again to Greek Maldives Island – the beautiful cosy and tiny island of Koufonisia – in small Cyclades Islands.
For more info concerning the island and how to get there please have a look at my previous post


Let’s go to my trip

koufonissi Last year finally we decided to spend our holidays in Naxos and I could not miss the opportunity to go again
to Koufonisia since due to its location it is really convenient to combine it with a vacation to Naxos.

This trip was different from the previous one … that I did years ago ….This time we went there with our little daughter Carmen that was only 5 months old ….. and I had lot of expectations since I have been saying and stressing to my husband that that was an amazing island – it looked like Maldives – and that there I ate the best ever souvlakia in Greece, ever :)

Looking for an accommodation was not easy  – not because it was over booked but since we went there mid September most of the hotels were closed or were about to close therefore I could not book the Aeolos Hotel that I really liked during my first trip but ….

Since I have a good memory I remembered a nice structure, very characteristic that I read  in TripAdvisor – I did a little research  and decided to call Mr Antonis!

This was already a first funny trip planning experience: imagine calling an Artist, only greek speaking – with no email and with a non marketing approach – well … that was Mr. Antonis!  http://www.koufonisia-diakopes.gr/en/antonis.htm – Kostas was a little bit disappointed by his behavior but i really wanted to go THERE !  therefore I took the phone and made finally my reservation – and I did well.

Koufonisia Fanos BeachOur arrival at Koufonisia was as expected – spectacular, fabulous, amazing green water! The little port was exactly as it used to be – nothing changed since my last visit !
I immediately identified where Antonis’ studios where and we got there with our car.
Mr Antonis was very kind and the people working in the village very polite ! they also allowed me to use the washing machine on a daily basis to wash Carmen’s towels and all her clothes. Our house “Giagias” was very nice – also Kostas was positively impressed by the structure.

Since we could not reach the other beaches on foot with Carmen we always went to Pori beach-  with our car. There is a road that brings you there from the Chora – but of course I took my time to visit the island and take the amazing pics you will find below.

Comparing to my previous visit I found the island almost as it used to be – that is good ! that means that despite the huge tourism that is coming in the last years the landscape, the new buildings perfectly match with the island and nothing horrible has been done (like unfortunately in Elafonissos)

Carmen had her first swims in that amazing sea -she really enjoyed it! we spent lot of time in the water taking pics and video of her :)

I have lot of nice memories of our last vacation in Koufonisia and It still remains one of my favorite island – not only in Greece, in general.

IMPORTANT – I was told from friends of mine that last year in August Koufonisia was a real mess ! full of people everywhere – that was even hard to find where to put your towel / umbrella on the beach therefore it is strongly recommended to  plan your holidays in Koufonisia in June / July / September – if possible avoid August !


2 comments to Back to Greek Maldives – Koufonisia

  • Adriana

    Complimenti per il tuo blog!!!
    Vorrei andare per i primi dieci giorni di settembre….

  • stefano

    Ciao e grazie per il tuo blog.
    Vorrei alcuni consigli se hai tempo.
    Siamo due adulti e un bimbo di 5 anni. Ultimedue settimane di agosto.
    Volevamo visitare un’isola o anche due, magari una piccola e una più grande.
    Qualche giretto e spiagge con mare per il bambino.
    Koufonissi mi sembrava ottima ma leggo ovunque che ad agosto è pienissma.
    E poi comunque nn posso far camminare lui per ore sotto il sole.
    Hai qualche consiglio di altre isole che non siano Rodi Corfù Kos perchè già fatte.

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