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    Ursy is back on track !

    Dear readers and travelers

    it has been a while since my last post….. almost 4 long years …..

    During this prolonged silence indeed  I had a look at my blog – every time feeling a little pain in my heart. I knew that there were readers waiting for my precious advice … and I was feeling ashamed of myself, for not finding the energies to  fuel my blog, to keep my hobby alive and respond to my readers……

    The reason of  my silence

    Last 4 years have been a real challenge for me and my family.

    Unfortunately the economic crisis in Greece hit my family as well, leaving me unemployed, in a country of more than 25% of unemployment rate – more than double in the Eurozone’s average – with dramatic salary cut reduction for my family and a child to grow.

    I had to focus all my energies to find a new work, keep a new work in a very challenging world, for my family, for my daughter, for myself

    So we decided to leave Greece, our home, our family and our friends,  looking for an opportunity in Great Britain, a country we always only heard about, looking for a new start, looking for a future.

    Looking back it has been the best decision we made. It has not been easy, disarming sometimes …  overall very challenging. However this experience made me stronger, more open minded and mostly flexible.

    We now live in London that after almost 4 years I can call home and my daughter can call herself  a “londoner” – I am super proud of her amazing accent :)

    Feeling happy again

    After 4 years I feel finally happy and I have the energy to dedicate myself to my travel blog again, to talk with my readers – I am back on track !

    Watch out for this space !

    During these 4 years I have been travelling to Greece in Summer, to visit friends and family and I am ready to write about my trips in my next posts.

    I have plenty of tips to give on my recent trips to Paros – an island that i did really love! and last Ios, and island that I recently visited that really surprised me.

    To my readers that asked me for advice – with no reply from my side – my sincere apology. I hope you had wonderful holidays in Greece and it would be great to hear from you, again.

    So watch our for this blog !

    Ursy is back ! with lots of interesting tips and nice pictures to share (also 360)

    ciao !


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