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The area of Meteora is located in central Greece, in the north-western edge of the plain of Thessaly, near Pindus Mountains. Just to give a geographic idea, Meteora is closer to Volos and Thessaloniki than to Athens. So …. it’s quite a long trip to do ….. if you are located in Athens

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A couple of days ago we planned our trip to visit the Oracle of Delphi.

Some info about Delphi – ελλ. Δελφοι Delphi is one of Greece’s most significant historical place and is renowned for its archaeological sites. Delphi’s archaeological site is filled with temples and structures, the most important temple being the Sanctuary […]


I visited Monemvasia a couple of years ago, when I went to Elafonissos.

The main thing I can say about this place is the holy atmosphere that dominates everywhere ….. magic !

Some info about Monemvassia – ελλ. Μονεμβασια

Monemvasia is a beautiful medieval fortress located in the south east of the Peloponnese. The […]


My dear readers – Elafonissos.

I decided to visit this island because I saw a picture on one travel magazine of the half moon beaches and I said …. this is my island ! My next Summer Destination!

Some info about Elafonissos – ελλ. Ελαφονησος

Elafonissos is a very tiny island located at […]