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    My Dear readers – Folegandros

    Since I have been nominated as “official expert of Greece” by TripAdvisor

    I am now really in the mood to write again and again about my trips !

    This time I am going to tell you about the beautiful, savage but extremely chic Folegandros !

    Some info about Folegandros – ελλ ΦολεγανδροςSea view from Chora

    Folegandros is part of the Cyclades – I would consider this island as one of the small Cyclades Islands.

    There is no airport on the island therefore the only way to reach it is via ferry. This island is very peaceful, there are several small beaches (most of them reachable only with the boat – there are plenty of fishing boats that the port ) crystal clear waters and the amazing Chora located up on the hill.

    Let’s go to my trip

    I have been to Folegandros many years ago. I landed in Santorini and from there I took the flying dolphin and reached Folegandros.

    The trip has not been one of my very best … actually the Meltemi was blowing so much that once we arrived there were no more boats departing from Folegandros … and for that reason we didn’t have any room (we booked it but the guests that were supposed to leave haven’t  and were so “kind”  not to leave ….. – therefore despite we had the room, finally it was our problem to find a solution ……. ). You cannot imagine how many people spent the night sleeping on mattress, on the verandas in the Folegandros Village – actually it seems that it is common practice and that cost at that time was 10Euros per mattress.

    Apart from that (I am still very disappointed !!) we started to discover the island.

    The island is very small, there is one main village and very nice beaches but very difficult to reach with the scooter. There is also one bus that brings you from the port of Karavostasi to the Chora and to the only beach Livadi you can reach with a car / bus / scooter.

    For this reason I strongly recommend to stop to Folegandros only for a couple of days – since the island is very nice and the Chora is one of the most beautiful I ever saw  – but not to plan a whole week of holidays  – unless you have a boat ……..

    Actually we spent the first day in Livadi and the other we did a tour all around the island with a fishing boat – very nice !!!

    Chora Village Folegandros

    The island has only one main village. The Chora is located at an altitude of 200 mt above the sea level and about 3 km far from the port of Karavostasi. It is considered one of the oldest medieval towns in the whole Cyclades.

    It’s very impressive, with beautiful whitewashed houses, many squares with trees, plenty of shaded areas – not windy –  and lot of Kafenio  where you can enjoy your Espresso and play  Tavli – tipical Greek Backgammon!

    One evening I saw a wedding in the Chora – it was in a nice tavern on a square and everybody was dancing sirtaki all around the tables …. I will never forget it !

    Church of Panagia is located on a cliff, on top of the Chora. It dominates the island and you can enjoy a wonderful view and sunset !Folegandros Panagia

    Agali – the most crowded beach of the island, reachable with the bus. On this beach you will find tavernas and umbrellas :)

    Karavostasi – is the very nice beach close to the port where you can enjoy the shadows of the numerous trees on it. The beach is not sandy though but there are nice small white stones


    Ambeli Beach – very nice but tiny beach reachable with the boat or on foot (good luck !)

    Livadi Beach – close to the port and to the camping

    Katergo – beautiful bay reachable only with the boat.

    Agio Nikolaos – this is the beach of the pics ! You can reach it with the boat or through a path

    I strongly recommend this island to couples and only for a couple of days.


    ciao !

    ps A huge thank you to my friend Christos that gave me all the nice pictures you can find in this article.

    ευχαριστω !!!

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