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    «Trasgressive» MykonosSaint John Hotel Beach

    Mykonos is the most rule-breaking island in Greece and … most of the times is compared to Ibiza, in Spain.

    Some info about Mykonos  – ελλ. Μύκονος

    Μykonos is located in the Cyclades islands. It’s one of the most famous and popular Greek Islands that after Santorini and Crete  attracts thousands of visitors every year !

    Mykonos is famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, it’s very exciting nightlife – that is the reason why it’s often compared to Ibiza – still it has all the beauties of the Cyclades islands – with it’s  whitewashed houses with turquoise waters.

    As a typical Cycladic island, Mykonos landscape is very stony and hilly and almost treeless – still charming with its white washed houses and tiny white churches facing the sea

    Comparing to other islands it’s quite expensive and this is one of the reason why here like in Santorini there is an exclusive tourism – this is really my style !!!

    Mykonos windmillsYou can easily get to Mykonos since there is the airport and it’s well connected to Piraeus – with the boats

    Mykonos Chora (the capital) is very charming and considered one of the most beautiful tows in the Cyclades – who doesn’t know the famous windmills of Mykonos or Little Venice ?

    Let’s go to my trip

    I know … I said that Mykonos is a very °trasgressive° island ! but believe me . .. it depends with whom you are going to see this island ….. Actually I went to Mykonos with my mother, last September and unfortunately had no possibility to enjoy the night life … Mykonos seemed to me a very relaxing and charming island  ……

    I am telling you this because I want to reassure people that maybe want to avoid this island because it’s famous for its night life – and because they are scared about finding a lot of chaos – but  don’t worry ! in Mykonos you can have the holidays you are looking for.

    The landscape is charming, lot of sandy beaches with crystal waters, nice tavernas (some expensive) and beautiful sunset in the centre of Mykonos town ….. a real dream having your cocktail at Little Venice … waiting to the sun to set ….

    Unfortunately I didn’t have the possibility to visit the island as I usually do – we were staying in a simply amazing – astounding chic hotel … with private beach ….. therefore … it was a real pity to leave all that beauty to look for other beache :)  – how to blame myself??! … I will never afford to pay another holiday like that …. it was my mummy present  :)  therefore I enjoyed the beauty of this luxury hotel !!! the massages …. the Jacuzzi etc ……

    Still I can give you full description about the Mykonos town and a couple of other beaches I visited ! and I know … I need to come back to Mykonos, maybe with my friend Dimitris that he is from there – that told me that he will show me the island ! He loves Mykonos !!!

    First  suggestion – if it blows ….. BRING A SCARF !! otherwise you will be freezing !!!! ahahhah

    Mykonos town

    Little VeniceWhen you first get to the Chora you will be charmed by the ever famous windmills that introduce you to this charming and cozy Cyclades town

    It has whitewashed cubic houses with wooden coloured doors, windows and balconies, narrow streets forming a labyrinth, beautiful churches, lovely chapels and purple bougainvilleas contrasting with the bright white of the buildings’ walls.

    All the center is pedestrian, with narrow streets, numerous cafes, chic boutiques, souvenir shops and fine jeweleries –  as soon as you have a look at the shops … well you can understand that this is like Via Montenapoleone ! international brands….. very expensive shops ! I told you … Mykonos is very exclusive ! it’s like Montecarlo, like Saint Tropez  … like Saint Moritz …….

    At sunset everyone is moving to “Little Venice” to see the beautiful sunset – while having a delicious drink !

    Travelling around the Island

    I must advise you – all street are very very very narrow ! I think I never saw an island with such narrow streets. So .. be careful if you decide to drive ….

    There are buses – but who knows at what time they come and usually they are pretty overcrowded …..

    TAXI – could be a good solution at least for moving in the night. There are 2 taxis stops in Mykonos town –  you will be waiting for a long while but still it worth

    BeachesGialos Beach


    A part from the private beautiful beach of the hotel, I only had the chance to visit the very Famous Paradise Beach and Platis Gialos

    Paradise Beach – This is the beach of the party ! of the nightlife ! (I didn’t see it unfortunately in the night …. )  – it’s also where the camping is located. Here you can find nice food and cheap food.

    The Beach is very sandy but …. there is a huge rock in the middle of the sea that really disappointed me  :(

    Platis Yialos is one of the most popular beaches of the island, filling with thousands of people during summer time attracted by the golden sand and the wonderful turquoise crystalline waters.

    On that beach you will also find Ammos Restautant – one of the famous restaurant in Mykonos – perfect for romantic dinners  ……. but for the day … well …. if you can afford to stay under their umbrellas you are very lucky J If I am not mistaken it was 40 euros per person  – very chic !!! my style !

    Dinner in Mykonos Town

    In the Chora there are plenty of very nice restaurants ! Have a walk in the labyrinths chora to find yours :)

    Close to Little Venice there are also good psari tavernas (tavernas with fish) where you can have lobster … but quite expensive !

    I am waiting for Dimitris inviation to go back to Mykonos ! I will enjoy all the island and will write another updated chapter on Mykonos !

    Filakia polla’


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