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koufI only went once to Koufonisia …… and I must confess you that whenever I am thinking about my best best best Greek destination I always think about this tiny but gorgeous  island in the small Cyclades …….

Some info about Koufonisia (Pano Koufonisia) ελλ. Κουφονισια

Koufonisia is a very small island in the small Cyclades, in the Aegean sea. It is located close to Naxos (below) and Amorgos.

There is no airport in Koufonisia, and the only way to get to the island is with the boat – (have a look at this link to check it out www.gtp.gr )

It’s useless to take your car to Koufonisia since there are no roads – I mean there is one that is maybe 2 km long or even less – the only way to visit Koufonisia is on foot or with a boat.

Let’s go to my trip

I went to Koufonisia about 6 years ago. That was one of the 4 islands we were visiting that Summer (Santorini, Folegandros, Naxos and Koufonisia).

IMPORTANT – If you are thinking to spend your holidays in small Cyclades I strongly recommend you to start looking for accommodation in April – not later. They are called small Cyclades because they are really small ….. imagine, Koufonisia is only 6km2 !!!!!

I didn’t know that at the beginning and when I was looking for accommodation (that was beginning June) all the hotels were replying to me that were already full booked ! I was so depressed … I already had planned my tour ……. and  I was really getting crazy since I wanted to visit this island because friend of mine was fanatic about it. So … with my hurt full of desperation I contacted a local travel agency that gave me a good news ! They told me that there was an hotel –a new one – that just opened and that they were sure there was still place there. …. and ….. everything went fine :)

In order to go to Koufonisia we stopped in Naxos and took a small boat and for my great surprise my friend Micaela – the one fanatical about Koufonisia was there !! on the boat !! this was destiny !!!

When we arrived for our great surprise we saw that the island was very very tiny but simply beautiful …. the water of the port was crystal, transparent …… and you can imagine other beaches ….

SeaFor the first time in our life the owner of the hotel came to pick us up at the port  – they were waiting for us and we didn’t know  ….. and we understood that we arrived in  paradise !!!

Let’s go to the hotel ……. that I strongly recommend http://www.aeoloshotel.com/ (*)

It was on the right side of the Chora, up in a hill,  on the way to the beaches and for our surprise it was really chic for our standards !! When we saw our room …. the bathroom (beautiful shower !!) .. our balcony with view to the sea ……. it was so romantic …… and eating Greek yogurt in the morning with honey was the thing that made our stay there perfect !

I knew that there were no streets and therefore no buses to reach the beaches, the only way to get to the beaches from the Chora was with the boat or on foot. Therefore the first day  we went to the port, we saw that there were 2 connections in the morning and 2 in the afternoon in order to get to Pori beach with the colourful tiny fisherman boat …. we checked the price and that it was ! our first trip to Pori Beach was with the boat ! it was a very nice trip :) we could see all the coast, all other beaches and since the distance was not so much – only  20 minutes of walk by the Chora – the next days we decided to go on foot.

The way to Pori Beach is very nice, there is a nice path by the sea, with wonderful natural swimming pools close to the the path, natural caves  …. and you can stop in all other beaches to have a rest, have a coffe of just to dive :)


The Chora is quite small, with one single main paved way that crosses it from the right to the left. All main psari tavernas (fish tavernas) are on the beach or close to the port and if you want to eat you should book them the day before (my recommendation). I strongly recommend Capitan Nikolas Taverna that is always fully booked – if you want you can go into the kitchen to choose your fish !

beachIn Koufonisia there is the ever tasty Souvlakia / Ghiros Pita I ever ate in Greece !!!! Therefore I strongly recommend you to go there and have one. The Souvlakeria is in the chora, on the main street. You will see it, since there will be many people queuing :P

For your nightlife there are also nice clubs in the Chora where you can have your drink and then come back to your hotel / studios


All beaches are sandy and the sand is so soft ……. with crystal sea waters – it seems like paradise ! I will just mention the ones I remember the names but there are several other beaches on your way to Pori

Megali Ammos – is the beach closest to the Chora, by the port. It’s a very big beach (Megali) and very nice.

Finikas is the first beach that you find when you leave the Chora (about 1.5 km).

Fanos is the second beach – just after Finikas. There used to be a camping there but I have been told that now it is closed. But I am not sure …. actually I am not very in target for camping ! So I am not the right person to ask !

Pori beach

It is the last beach you will find in Koufonisia – there the island finishes (about 3 km from Chora) and from there you can see Naxos.

Just below Pori Beach many people were diving from the high rocks – quite scary for me but very exciting for the most :)

Our stay in Koufonisia was very romantic, relaxing, we had great time and I strongly recommend this island to families, couples and to very stressed people.

If you cannot afford a trip Maldives in August ….. this is an alternative  destination!

Ciao !


A SPECIAL THANK YOU to my friend Alkiviadis that gave me all the beautiful pictures  you can find in this article !!! Thanks Alki !!!!

(* ) As you have seen usually I do not recommend hotels unless they are very nice and good !

21 comments to Koufonisia

  • Micaela

    WOOOW UUURSYYYYYYYYYY you are magic and this blog’s idea is for me something very very very special! I don’t have a words! Koufonisa, as you know, is my private paradise… and let’s hope that after your article not too many milanesi coming next summer in my island ;q i’m waiting for your Anafi’s description… i don’t believe that is similar for the sea to my little Koufo…. a BIG kiss, ciao

    • ursula

      My Dear friend ! I knew you would have loved my blog :)
      …. for Anafi I have never been there … but I promise that I will … as soon as I can !
      ciaoo keep on reading my blog ! and share it ! share it ! share it !

  • Sophia

    Ursi fantastic island!
    Also the hotel you recommend is very very nice!!!!
    Thank you for all the information you give us!!!!
    I look forward for the next destination!!!

  • Angela

    “…and to very stressed people”: do you really think people from Milan can survive in such a place???? :D Well, we will see… now that I read your Koufonisia page, I’m quite sure I’ll spend there a few days!
    …thank you so much again for this very helpful blog! =)

  • Julie

    A paradise on the Aegean sea!!!
    Congatulations Ursy for the excellent presentation of this small magic island!

    We visit every year!!
    I wish some holiday moments together, with Mario and Kostas!!!

    • ursula

      Thanks Julie for commenting my article on Koufonisia ! I know that you are an expert of this island.
      I wish too to spend some days with you – we should plan some days in this beautiful tiny island

  • Alexandros

    Hi Ursula,

    First of all I would like to say how happy and proud I feel as a Greek to see people who have such a love and passion about Greece as you do. A thing about Greece is that once you are there (particularly the islands) and you do not fall in love with the place then do not bother. You will never ‘get it’. You definately got it! And by this I mean the spirit, passion and above all serenity of Greece and the islands.

    I have noticed that you have a true passion about Koufonisia. I have always wanted to travel there but, as you are rightly saying, whenever I tried for an accomodation everything was fully booked, therefore I had to choose another island. This year however I am determined to go and I have decided that I will camp there in my tent. I know that there used to be a camping site there, but some friends told me that it may not be opperating this summer. I was wondering if you have any info on this.

    Enjoy your 2010 summer in Greece..!!


  • ursula

    Geia sou Alexandro !
    thanks for reading my blog and leave a comment.
    As far as I know there was a camping in Koufonisia …. but now it is closed since also the quality of it was very low ….

    As I pointed out in my article, if you want to spend some days in koufonisia you should move a lot in advance :)

    ciao !

  • Alexandros

    Geia sou Ursula,

    Thanks for letting me know. I will move fast and try to arrange some accomodation for August..

    Have a nice day!

  • Matteo

    su Koufonissa, mi potete fornire indirizzo di Hotel???Vicino alla spiaggia?


    • ursula

      Ciao Matteo,
      innanzitutto grazie per aver lasciato un commento / richiesta

      Io ti potrei consigliare l’hotel dove sono stata – AEOLOS Hotel. Trovi il link nel post, all’inizio

      Come ho scritto, l’isola e’ veramente piccolissima, e’ praticamente uno scoglio quindi …. affrettati a prenotare :)


  • Danke für diese sehr informative Seite.
    Habe auf facebook diese geteilt :-))

  • joann

    ciao grazie perche’ ci fai sognare.Il nostro sogno (fam,di 5 persone) e quello di passare 15 giorni tra Milos e Koufonisi tra Giugno inizio luglio.Pensavo di arrivare ad Athene poi prendere traghetto per MIlos allogiare in uno di queste stutture Ostraco house oppure Psaravolada. Come faccio ad arrivare a Koufonisi ? Da li poi come rientro ? Athene oppure con un volo per italia da qualche isola li vicina? Ti sembra una cosa fattibile ?

  • ursula

    Ciao Joann
    innanzitutto mi fa piacere che ti piaccia il mio blog :)
    Direi che le mete che avete scelto siano semplicemente perfette ! Milos e’ veramente molto molto bella ! Koufounissi …. e’ un piccolo angolo di Paradiso ma …. ti devi affrettare a prenotare: l’isola e’ piccolissima e le strutture sono limitate.
    Da Atene prendi il traghetto per Milos (c’e’ anche l’aeroporto, magari trovi un volo interno) – da li’ per koufounissi devi andare a Naxos e a Naxos devi cambiare traghetto e prendere quello diretto esclusivamente a Koufounissi. In merito al rientro, se cerchi il volo diretto per l’Italia Easyjet fa voli su Mykonos e Santorini. Penso Mykonos sia piu’ vicino a Koufounissi. Altrimenti devi riprendere la nave per tornare ad Atene. Nel mio post “how to come to Greece” trovi i link anche delle navi – puoi gia’ simulare il tuo viaggio, mettendo tutte e due le isole cosi hai una indicazione di costi. Trovi anche i link delle compagnie aeree.
    Buona vacanza!

  • joann

    Grazie e quello che ho fatto pero non riesco a capire una cosa su i traghetti il costo del tragitto Pireo – milos 59 euro a persona milos – Koufounissi 59 euro poi altri 59 per Koufounissi Pireo ma non esiste un biglietto pacchetto qualcosa del genere ? Grazie

    • ursula

      che io sappia non esistono pacchetti. Devi acquistare le tratte. Prova ad andare sul sito di Greeka.com e magari contattali se hai bisogno di maggiori informazioni.
      In merito a Rodi ci sono stata veramente tanto tempo fa – isola stupenda dal punto di vista mare e storia – e’ molto grande, meglio noleggiare una macchina per girarla. Ma non saprei aggiungere altro.
      ciao e buona vacanza :)

  • joann

    Scusa ma non ho trovato nessuna info. su Rodi sai dirmi qualche cosa a riguardo ? Grazie

  • Ursula hi, this is a great article on Koufonisia and on what to do in this amazing island. Your readers might also benefit from our just-published blogpost on what to do in Koufonisia in 2016. You can have a look at http://guidora.com/what-to-do-in-koufonisia/. Thnx!

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