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    ursulaA quick introduction of myself

    My name is Ursula  and I am a real fanatic of Greece !

    My first visit to Greece was about 15 years ago, for Summer Holidays.

    Everything happened very fast – some conversations with friends, some info from internet and … I was ready to change my classical, secure Summer Holiday destination –  Spain –  for Greece – at least to try once.

    I must admit that I was quite skeptical at the beginning – leaving what you know for you do not know ..and …. there is only one Summer Vacation at year …. so it was risky but …. a friend of mine was such enthusiastic about her trips to Greece …. that I decided to take the risk !

    It was love at first sight ! I was so much fascinated by this country that  it has been my Summer destination for 8 consecutive years and … now  … guess what ! …. I am living in Greece.

    Why a blog !

    The first reason that leads me to write a blog is a mere selfish one, still with positive purposes of course  – I want to fix again and again in my mind the places I have seen:  I want to remember the colours, the perfumes, the people ….. and writing a blog will help me on that purpose

    The second motivation is due to my personal feeling of being an expert ! Due to all my “summer vacation trips” I feel like being a specialist of Greek Islands  – at least comparing to people that never came to Greece.

    Starting from the third reason I am moving  from pure selfish purpose to altruistic purpose: people trusted me in the past and after their vacations contacted me saying that  what I suggested was simply perfect and that their holidays would have been  memorable

    The fourth reason is that Summer is approaching and I hope to give useful hints to  friends / people that never visited Greece or want  to see new places

    Last reason – I love to learn and I hope to find people that can comments what I write in order to give me a second chance to go again to see those beautiful islands  – now that I live here it’s much easier for me J

    So let’s start with my memories, with the promise that I will keep on travelling and write about new amazing places.


    ciao !

    ps  I was forgetting !!! I am now the official Expert of Greece in TripAdvisor !! so happy about it !