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Back again to ….Elafonissos

Enjoy the video of my trip to Elafonissos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMy5O918WOc

Dear Reader, Elafonissos !
It’s middle of August … and I am so depressed because my holidays are over :) Still I must admit that I cannot complain as I really had a great Summer ! Where I visited many beautiful places and there are much more to come :)

The current post is about Elafonissos – that I visited 3 years ago for the first time … and that this year we decided to go back … to the beautiful and outstanding beach of Simos (or Sarakinikos as some people say)

Please have a look at this post in order to have all the information about the island and how to get there


Let’s go to my trip
As anticipated this Summer I wanted to visit something new and some places that I already visited and that I really loved.
Since we planned to visit the very far away island of Kythira, we decided to come back to Elafonissos and to Monemvasia since those places are on the way to Kythira …..

After having spent 9 fabulous days in Kythira – at 10 am we were ready to catch the first ferry to go to the Mainland – destination Elafonissos. We didn’t want to miss any moment of Elafonissos fantastic sea !

From the port of Neapolis  to Elafonissos is only about 20′ with the car – including the transfer with the ferry !

As it happened 3 years ago …. we jumped into the ferry and we enjoyed the short but beautiful trip to Elafonissos – hoping to see a sea turtle ……  (I was told that sometimes it happened :) )

Unfortunately as arrived ….. we had the first let’s say … delusion…. the studios Magnatis was not really as I was expecting it to be …. pretty small ….. super tiny kitchen with minimal kitchenware  (2 dishes, 2 glasses, 2 forks etc .. ) and the bed was even a little bit damaged (and extremely uncomfortable as we discovered later). The view from there was outstanding as in the pics I found in internet … still I think a studios should be bigger than a room ….

But ok – we said …. we are not here for staying in the hotel …. but to enjoy the island  ! and we ran to Simos !

You cannot imagine how much Elafonissos changed in the last 3 years …. we immediately noticed it when we arrived in Simos and we saw a constant and infinite raws of umbrellas …. that were covering pretty the whole huge beach..  I think that this is the first and only greek island where I saw so many “private” umbrellas – since usually most of the beaches are free – and whenever there are umbrellas it’s just for a small place ……

What a delusion ! parking on payment (1 out of the two) ….. hotels built everywhere …. on Simos and on Panagitsa – but the most disappointing thing is that I think it is becoming a destination of low profile tourism … that will exploit the island in a short time …. therefore all benefits from tourism will be only for the next years ….. and not for a long period ….

Our short stay of 4 days in Elafonissos became immediately a “long” stay … and we regretted not to have spent a couple of more days in Kythira.

Still I must admit that the beaches are fantastic and I wish at least they will remain as they are now !

Food was ok in the small town –  I strongly recommend to go to “Ta nisia tis panagias” a delicious taverna, after Panagitsa beach – on top of the hill. The food is very good and from there you have a fantastic view too


ps if it happens to you to go and find a beautiful black cocker – female – please give her some food and best give her a house … a family ……. we were told that she has been abandoned last year …  she survived Winter since locals took care of her …. but she was living in the island …….

I was looking for her in the last 2 days ….. I may have found her a family in Athens but I have not seen her …… I wish somebody took her :)


6 comments to Back again to ….Elafonissos

  • Lina Valmas

    The first time I experienced the magic of Elafonissos was 6 years ago … getting off the ferry and seeing the view of Simos was absolutely amazing! There were a few private umbrellas and the beach was sooooooo peaceful and beautiful. I managed to go to Elafonissos again this year and was pretty sad at how the beach has been exploited. As you mentioned Ursula …. too many private umbrellas and it is turning into the usual private umbrella beach and ruining the beauty of Elafonissos…..BUT I do have to say that no matter how packed the beach was this year the water still reamins crystal clean! :o) I miss the “old” Elafonissos!

  • ursula

    Thank you my dear Lina for leaving a comment :)
    I know…. it is sad …. and actually a little bit disappointing …. let’s hope they will understand it and try to go “back” to “old” Elafonissos … again ….
    This beach is amazing and you know how many comments I received on FB about my pics in this sea ……
    Enjoy your holiday and … tell me if you see the little beautiful black cocker there … ciaoooo filakia !

    • lorenza

      mi chiamo lorenza salve sono stata ad elafonissos più di 12 anni fa, mi è rimasta nel cuore ed ero decisa a ritornarci la prossima estate con mio marito e la bimba di 4 anni ma quando ho letto la tua recensione sono rimasta sconcertata, riguardo l’invivibilità della spiaggia di simos, io vorrei andare la settimana dopo ferragosto ma se la situazione è così mio marito è contrario ma mi chiedevo è piena anche l’altra spiaggia gemella a simos? questa estate sono stata a Lipsi bellissima ma il mare freddo non riuscivamo a farci molti bagni la mia bimba è freddolosa come me ed è per questo che volevo portarla ad Elafonissos, mi ricordo che lì l’acqua oltre ad essere una meraviglia è particolarmente calda. sai darmi qualche consiglio ti dico il vero Kithira non mi affascina particolarmente non credo che il mare sia bello come quello di elafonissos a me piace proprio quell’effetto sabbia bianca mare trasparente ed acqua calda . aspetto una tua risposta grazie

  • ursula

    Ciao Lorenza,
    innanzitutto grazie per aver lasciato un commento.
    In merito alla tua domanda potrei suggerirti la bellissima Koufonissi! Ha spiagge simili a Elafonissos – si trova nelle cicladi. Sono stata anche a Lipsi e penso che a Koufonissi il mare sia un pochino un po’ piu’ caldo.
    Ma – per essere sicuri di trovare spiagge da sogno e mare caldo potrei suggerirti Creta oppure Cipro.
    Sto tornando adesso dal mio viaggio a Koufonissi – nei prox giorni aggiornero’ il mio blog – prova a darci un occhio

  • lorenza

    scusami ancora ursula, infatti volevo arrivare su creta ed esattamente la spiaggia di elafonissi e dormire proprio lì anche se è molto affollata credo che si possa trovare qualche posticino tranquillo arrivando all’isolotto di fronte alla spiaggia e poi imbarcarmi per kithira e quindi elafonissos quindi avrei voluto fare elafonissi – elafonissos!!!! ho guardato per cipro ma mi sembra molto ma molto ma molto turistica e koufunissi sapevo che è meravigliosa ma ad agosto mi hanno detto molto caotica e la temperatura dell’acqua delle cicladi l’ho già provata mi sembra molto freddina anch’essa sono anche io un’appassionata della grecia, mi sconsigli veramente di provare nuovamente elafonissos?

  • Nikki

    I am very sad to hear this. I have been visiting the island for about 25 years, in fact my parents say that I was conceived there, and when they were there there was not a soul on the beach, and they pitched a tent and spent two nights… Even when I was a little girl, it was our private oasis, there were no umbrellas on the beach at all but there was the little hippie hut ( which I machine I still there although probably with a very different vibe) where wold travelers who found this place would spend their days playing backgammon and enjoying the deserted beach. My best childhood memories are there on that beach nd I can’t even believe that they hav built up right on the beach with hotels etc. that is so disheartening. The last time I was there I was surprised to see crowds of young travelers and a huge camping area right off the ( once nudist) section of the beach…. :(:( I am heading back to Greece this September with my two year old and I will take him to Simos, I’m hoping to at least find the crowds gone by then.. My parents always said to a
    Predicate a place like this because one day it will be exploited, I guess they were right on point, soo sad!

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