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    Kea GialiskariMy dear readers,
    this post is dedicated to the charming island of Kea, located only a few miles away from Lavrio still known only by the Locals.

    We decided to spend a long weekend in order to celebrate our birthdays  and our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. First choice was Agistri – the Island where we first met that I really love …. but then ….I thought that I wanted to see something new …therefore we finally decided to spend our romantic weekend in  Kea.

    Some info about Kea   – ελλ. ΚΕΑ
    Kea belongs to the Cyclades islands, located opposite to Lavrio (close you Cape Sounio) from where you take the Boat.
    From the Airport you can find a Bus connection every  hour, it is about 1 hour drive from the airport

    Let’s go to my trip
    The first impression I had about this island was that it really seemed to be very chic and … (unfortunately for our pockets) expensive too ….koundouros beach

    While looking for accommodations I found amazing hotels that looked like Oia in Santorini, with amazing architecture, fantastic view and most of them with swimming pools – perfect destination for lovers, very romantic  ….. still not perfect   for a family with a small toddler, willing to discover the world and run anyway – wherever danger is ! and pools, low balconies with amazing view, stairs etc … are not recommended

    So … with little of disappointment, we decided not to book those amazing and romantic hotels and better find a (nice) house in the countryside, far from chaos and dangers :).

    For the first time I booked a nice “Spitaki” a small House with – that I found good in terms of offers but extremely expensive for the services provided. 28 euros fee for booking 2 nights I find it a little bit expensive ….

    When we arrived in the nice port of Kea, Korissia also called Livadi –  we were welcome by kids that were waiting for other students coming from the Land with a  nice ” Welcome to our Island”  message – what a pity I did not have my camera to take a picture of them …… it was so sweet ….. and it really touched me ….

    In Korissia there are nice taverna, coffees and mostly AB Supermarket – best to stop there and buy water and whatever you need for your stay :)Ioulias_Kea_Chora

    Vourkari is the nice village and small port you can find a few km away from Korissia – It is a fishing village with nice taverna with tables on the beach, shops for shopping – the perfect place for having a nice and relaxing fish meal (if you can afford it ….. )

    Ioulida: the Chora of Kea is located on top of the hill, about 10 minutes drive from  Korissia. It is a traditional Village, with pedestrian center, nice shops and lot of steps – still we could move up and visit it with our pram. In order to visit it you need to leave your car at the entrance and … enjoy the nice walk and outstanding view of the islands surrounding  Kea

    When asking about “nice beaches to visit” and places to see our guest owner suggested us to visit Koundouros – a place where Athens billionaire live (yes! despite of the economic crisis there are still billionaire in Greece :) ) . I must admit that this place is very nice, with amazing luxury villas  that are hardly visible since are built with stones of the same colours of the earth. The beach is very nice, soft and sandy  with  crystal blue waters. The place is perfectly organized with umbrellas, tavernas and restaurant – perfect for a stop even with kids. I was told that in Summer it becomes a super place for clubbing by the sea … (next life ! when I will be reach :) )

    Nice beachesKea Spathi Beach
    Otzia – very nice and protected bay, with sandy beach, chrystal waters and an amazing baby playground  and taverna
    Gialiskari – for a weekend and if you do not rent a car and you stay at the port I think this is the best solution! Amazing colours of the water, nice sandy beach and a taverna on the beach for enjoying a nice coffee
    Koundouros – very nice, organized – tres chic!

    Spathi – this is an amazing beach that you can reach only with off road car – there are about 5 km of dirty road to do in order to reach it. The Beach is organized and is the perfect place for people that are looking for silence over all :). – I think it could be a delicious location for a Wedding Reception :)

    We spent 3 amazing days despite the weather was not very good! We traveled around the Island, visited the Chora, enjoyed loukoumades and amazing views to all surrounding islands.
    I strongly recommend this island for a long weekend – romantic weekend or family weekend :) – but be aware about the costs – it is pretty expensive and also eating outside is  not cheap and with no reasons …. renting a house  and cooking is the perfect solutions :)



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