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Pet Friendly Hotels in Greece

My dear readers, i decided to dedicate this post to travelers that love their pets and want to share their holidays with them :) , so Pet Friendly Hotels in Greece


As a lover of pets (maybe my first word was “daddy, I want a puppy” ) I always found it very difficult and sometimes even embarrassing to travel with my lovely pets ….


Maybe it happened that  I found a very nice hotel – perfect in terms of location and costs … and when it came to ask if I could travel with my dog … well … most of the time the answer was .. “I am very sorry .. I do really apologize but our policy does not admit dogs / cats / pets in general ….”


So frustrated and annoyed because I cannot understand why there is no limitation to rude people that eventually even cause damages in the rooms …… and sometimes do not even pay the bills  – I had to look after another hotel … or  look after a cat sitter / dog sitter promising Italian dinners for free for one year :)   or worst ….. leave the dog / cat to the kennel :(  – and I left for holidays with my heart broken …..


I am not talking about years ago … it just happened a couple of weeks ago …. I booked a long weekend in Sifnos  for June and I cannot bring with me my very educated cat – PEPE – because they do not accept animals …So you know … I am now looking for a CAT sitter for 1 weekend in June !!!!


Last year I went to Turk and Caicos –  a very exclusive island in the Caribbean see …. – and imagine … on the beach there was a woman that was having so much fun with her dog … and I thought that that place was I place where I wanted to live  …… that place was a paradise for men and for pets :) too


So yesterday I decided that it was now the time to dedicate a post where my readers could quickly find info about pet friendly hotels in Greece


The first thing I did was surfing online and I found interesting sites that you will find below. Then of course I asked to the most trustful  source – the Greek EOT that with great surprise came back to me after only a couple of hours !!!  and also another trustful source –  a friend of mine Andrea – that is a British shorthair breeder that  travels a lot since he does lot of expositions – helped me on that :)


Happy holidays with your “pet” friends :)




In the following sites you need to include “with animals”

http://www.grhotels.gr/EN/TouristGuide/FindHotel/Pages/SearchHotelFull.aspx that is the site that EOT game me :)


other well known sites for booking:




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