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    Recently I visited the nice city of Nafplio and I also took the opportunity to visit again the outstanding Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, since it was on the way and very close – about 30’ with the car.


    Some info about Epidaurus – ελλ. Επίδαυρος

    The Ancient Theater of Epidaurus is about 2 hours of car from Athens. It’s one of the most outstanding, impressive and also the biggest Ancient Theater with a capacity of 14,000 people.

    It is one of the major attraction on Peloponnese and in Summer there are different events, such as Festivals and Theatrical performances since it is well  known for the perfect acoustic.

    Have a look at the official Greek Festival Calendar

    In Summer mostly ancient Greek tragedies are performed and you need to book the tickets pretty much in advance in order to be sure to see this event :)


    Let’s go to my visit

    I must admit that Epidaurus was one of the first archeological site (after Acropolis) that I visited. I can understand why people are gathering there for visiting this place full of history.

    First of all due to the beauty of this place ….. the Theater is hidden  in a fantastic nature, forest  – actually when you come to Epidaurus you really do not imagine where this huge Ancient Theater is located –  there is such a nice walk in the forest  ….. with the birds singing …. and a nice walk with steps  … and magically … here you are ! Facing the beautiful ancient Theater of Epidaurus ……

    Even if you are not going to see a Greek tragedy, you can enjoy the beauty of this place and understand the acoustic. Just in the middle of the arena, there is a round flat marble stone – please go there … put yourself right in the center of it .. and say something ….. everybody in the Theater  will be able to listen to what you are saying ….. it’s really  ….. terrific!

    From the top part of the Theater you have an outstanding view of the forest and the sea ….. it’s really magic this place !

    Last Summer I also had the possibility to see a Theater Performance and it was something I never experienced before ! I strongly suggest to go there and to see a Greek Tragedy or any performance ….. it’s really something different ! BUT be aware … you should come a lot in advance in order to take the tickets (despite they are telling you just half an hour before … )  otherwise you may risk not only to queue for hours but also to miss it … as it happened to me …….. (actually at the end we managed but we had a huge argument )

    I strongly recommend to visit this Theatre to everybody ! to schools, to families, to young couples & friends !



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