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    My dear readers this time I would like to dedicate a post to the chorio’ of my husband – the very nice town of Kymi, in the island of Euboea

    Some info about Kymi – ελλ. Κύμη

    The nice and green town of Kymi is located in the island of Euboea – at about 2 hours of car from Athens. You may have heard about Kymi since from there you can reach the Sporade  island of Skyros – on a daily basis – and in Summer there are direct connections with Alonissos, Skiathos and Skopelos, usually twice a week.

    The island of Euboea is the second biggest Greek island, after Crete – and it is connected with the Mainland (Attiki) with a bridge. Therefore in order to reach Kymi you don’t have to take a boat but you can easily come with your car. Still there is a quick way to get there – taking a boat for 20’  from the port of Oropou to Eretria. From there you still have about 1h of trip.

    The area of Kymi is very green and it really looks like  all Sporades vegetations –  the town is surrounded by  old olive trees  and cypresses and most of the houses are build with nice stones.

    Kymi dominates the Gulf of Kymi from the hill and it is split into:

    • Kymi town
    • Paralia Kymi
    • Platana

    The Town of Kymi is very nice, with nice houses and shops. The heart of the town is the Cathedral and it’s square – where kids play and all adult gather to drink coffee. There is a lovely shop there that sells handmade jewels and other handmade stuff  – Koutelou.  I love to do shopping there for myself and for presents at Christmas

    Paralia Kymi is where you can find nice coffees, with view to the sea and as the name itself says – there you can find the beach of Kymi. The port of Kymi has been recently renovated and it is now very characteristic. I think that the municipality of Kymi is trying to push for making this small town a summer destination  and the renovation of the port is one of the main step they should have done – I wish other are to come (like for example improving the beach of Kymi).

    Platana is on the road that lead you to Kymi where you can find delicious psari-taverna (fish restaurants) . My favorite is the Koutelos  – with fresh fish that they personally fish in the night. If you go there try also the fried bread …. my mouth is still watering :)

    Kymi is also very famous because the inventor of the Pap Test was born there – on the main square there is a monument of Georgios Papanikolaou

    What to do in Kymi

    I usually go to Kymi for visiting my relatives. Kymi is a town to rest and relax. The main activity in Kymi is to drink coffee (pame gia caffee) or in the main square of Kymi or down in Paralia Kymi.  In Summer you can also enjoy the sea of Kymi – there is a long beach that honestly I don’t really like BUT I can strongly suggest to go to the fantastic beach of Kalamos – half an  hour from Kymi.

    Have a look at this site to understand how much beautiful is this beach

    And if you like trekking do not miss having a walk on the mountains surrounding Kymi – you will have amazing view to Skyros and if you are lucky to Alonissos too

    If you are taking the boat for Skyros I strongly suggest you to plan a stop to visit the nice town of Kymi and to enjoy the very nice food :) at Koutelos taverna

    Ciao !



    ps do not miss the opportunity to have a delicious ice-cream on your way to Kymi or when you come back to Athens ….. a friend of mine recently informed me about the opening of an “italian gelateria” with daily fresh ice-cream in the small village of Oropou! Go to Ninnolo and enjoy it :)

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