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    Back again to …. Monemvasia

    Kalo mina!  (kalo mina is our best wishes when a new month comes) My dear Readers Monemvasia !

    It has come the time to tell you about our last Summer destination … the amazing and sacred castle of Monemvasia …….

    Please have a look at this post in order to have all the information about Monenvasia and how to get there

    Let’s go to my trip

    As anticipated our last summer destination was Monemvasia.

    We decided to come back to this byzantine castle because the last time we only spent an afternoon there   … and we missed almost everything ….

    1. First of all we missed to visit the old  Kastro
    2. Secondly we missed to have a swim at famous Portello
    3. And lastly we missed to spend the night inside the walls of the Katro …. a magic experience ……

    Of course this year we did it all and we promised to come back again :)

    When we arrived and we entered the only entrance for Monemvasia I was so excited !! We succeeded to find a room in the middle of august, inside the castle .. only for 1 night ….. in a brand new hotel …. We had our survival luggage  (all area is fully pedestrian … and you need to walk up and down … so you know …. try to bring few stuff with you) and I think that we looked like a little bit lost  :) ……you know …..  we were looking for the indication of our brand new hotel – Likinia. But we have been so lucky because a pretty girl Panagiota … saw us …. and she was so kind to lead us to the hotel …….

    The hotel was a very nice surprise …. (I love to be surprised by beautiful hotel ….. ) – it was located at the opposite site from the entrance, completely brand new hotel ….. and the owners Kyra Voula has been so kind with us …. she even showed us 3 rooms and she let us choose the best ! Of course we had the top floor room, with nice balcony and view to the sea ….. This winter we will have the room on the first floor …. pretty huge with nice chimney J. 

    We left our fabulous room and went immediately to have our last swim of our Summer Vacation at the very famous Portello ! thanks God it was not windy therefore we could enjoy some time in the water (there are only rocks and if there are waves it could be pretty dangerous …. ) and after that we started to visit the beautiful kastro of Monemvasia – taking thousand of pics ….

    The Kastro was exactly how I remembered, actually even more beautiful. Now most of the houses are completely renovated, there were many cats … flowers … nice shops ……

    We walked first all around the Kastro, waiting for the sun to go a little bit down… in order to start our visit to the old Kastro, on top of Monenvasia ……

    The way to the old Kastro is pretty easy (with proper pair of shoes)  still long and in Summer I strongly suggest to visit it early in the morning or late in the afternoon ….. From there you have a fantastic view of Monemvasia, of the Coast  and you will find the famous Church of  Agia Sofia  – that has an Octagonal Plan – as Agia Sofia at Konstantinopolis

    After all this visits and taking thousands of pictures  we really need a break and we went to a fantastic club in order to have a happy hour ….. Enetico This place was outstanding ! huge terrace ! view to the sea ! funny little birds looking for food …. and I found a fantastic straw hat that I wore and Kostas took the fantastic pics of Ursy super Star that you will below ….. You cannot imagine my disappointment when I asked if I could buy it but the owner told me that unfortunately she couldn’t give it to me ……  those hats were handmade … and due to the crises the lady that produced them closed her shop in Athens … so those fabulous hats could not have been replaced …….. and I had to leave it there … still I have the amazing picture :)

    In the evening we had an amazing dinner at To Kanoni (strongly recommend to book the table with view) and then we went back to our super romantic hotel ……

    We had amazing time in Monemvasia and we will for sure come back again this Winter…. there will be very few people … we will listen to the wind passing through the houses … we will enjoy a nice lunch / dinner … and then light our chimney ……

    I strongly recommend to anybody to go to Monemvasia, a couple of nights could be fine – but try to stay inside the castle ! otherwise you will miss most of it

    ciao !


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