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Ancient Olympia

My dear readers this post is dedicated to a trip I did some months ago – when I had the opportunity to visit the fascinating Ancient Olympia. I always wanted to go there – since for every inauguration of every Olympic Games everything takes place there. The Olympic flame is lighted there and then comes […]


My Dear Readers Kalavryta ! I do apology for my long silence … I know … it’s a very long time that I am not updating my blog with new posts…. BUT I think I have a very good explanation and excuse :) I am expecting a little small italo – greek princess …. and […]

Back again to …. Monemvasia

Kalo mina! (kalo mina is our best wishes when a new month comes) My dear Readers Monemvasia !

It has come the time to tell you about our last Summer destination … the amazing and sacred castle of Monemvasia …….

Please have a look at this post in order to have all the information about […]

Back again to ….Elafonissos

Enjoy the video of my trip to Elafonissos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMy5O918WOc

Dear Reader, Elafonissos ! It’s middle of August … and I am so depressed because my holidays are over :) Still I must admit that I cannot complain as I really had a great Summer ! Where I visited many beautiful places and there are […]