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Getting Married in Greece

Ursy and Kostas WeddingI just got married in wonderful Skopelos ! For me it has been like a fairy-tale…….

Maybe it never happened to you …. but sometimes I was reading magazines, reading articles or most of all looking at pictures of wonderful weddings in Greek Islands ……..

Most of the times the pictures were about Santorini, with romantic scenarios, beautiful coloured houses, windmills,  the greek blue sky and the sea  …..with a  beautiful tiny white church overwhelming the blue of the sky and of the sea ……. let’s say a dream for anyone ……

Well …. I don’t know HOW but I decided that that was my dream too and I had to do whatever I could to make this dream come true …… and it happened !! I made it (of course thanks to the man I love that supported me in any step of this difficult trip …… )

All happened end of September …. Kostas asked me to marry him ….. and in that moment I only had a picture in my mind …. me, him, close family and best friends …. in a lovely and extremely romantic place .. a small white Church by the sea …… there was nothing in my mind that had any relation with the place I was born  … the common places I used to live  …..  I wanted our Wedding to be like a fairy tail ………

I also had to admit that when I went to my town (I lived in Italy in a small town in the Alps) and occasionally went into a photographer shop …. and saw all my friend pics of their marriage … and now most of them are divorced ….. let’s say that this helped me to take the decision to make something different …..

Skopelos Village RestaurantOf course it helped me a lot living in Greece ! but despite of that ……  honestly that was not a very easy way …. an easy wedding…. at least that was not my case ….. everyone  made my life really impossible ……. starting from my family, saying that it was a real sufference for them not to see their only daughter getting married in their / our Church …. my friends complaining (and I cannot blame them honestly … ) that the wedding was very far ……. and very expensive …… and all small things (that are a lot) you need to do for a wedding …..become huge problems if  you get married in an island that you need 5 hours to get there …. unless you  have a perfect Wedding Planner ! (that I looked for and hadn’t find …. )

But  I have to admit that I will do it again and again because finally I was right … and we gave to all our guests an experience that they will always remember …. they will  always remember about our Big Fat Greek Wedding :)

Our guests are still talking about our Wedding after one week  :)

Ursy and Kostas WeddingGetting married in a Greek Island means:

  • to have by your side only the people that really love you !!!!
  • to have a long weekend
  • to enjoy the sea and the place
  • to have several parties
  • to spend a lot of time with your friends and family (and not just the hours of the Wedding)
  • and to see them also the day after … again for having fun and eat in a beautiful taverna by the sea

How to plan a Wedding in Greece

  • Be sure about this decision! family and friends will be quite disappointed (despite they will always love you!)
  • Plan it a lot in advance
  • Choose the island
  • Prepare a wedding web-site where all your guests can get information about the locations (how to get there, hotels, etc … ) – we had our great friend John that helped us on that !!!
  • Look for a Wedding Planner (i was not lucky and the ones I met were not as professional as I was expecting …. I know I am very precise and it is not easy to realize my dreams …. but you could be much luckier ! )
  • Meet the Priest
  • Start asking for all documentation you need and please consider that everything has to be translated in Greek ! If you have a Wedding planner make sure she is following all bureaucratic  issue for you
  • plan at least a couple of trips to the island to look for the Restaurant  (*)/ where to make the reception, talk with the lady of the flowers, photographer, DJ etc … if you have a wedding planner she will get you all contacts but I strongly suggest you to meet them before
  • Arrive to the island at least 4 days before your Wedding
  • Enjoy ! this is the best period of all your life ! and all you are doing it will be for your BIG DAY !

As commented before, I had great time ! Our Wedding was exactly how I dreamt it ….. I couldn’t ask more. …….

For this reason, if you are thinking about a fairy-tail Wedding …. think about Greece !!!!! the perfect place to have your Marriage !!

Maybe I will become a Wedding Planner …. who knows. …. I should think about this change of life ……..

Filakia !

ps.  a huge thank you to all my friends for making all the pics you see in this post !

(*) I was very lucky! We had our Reception at Skopelos Village and Kyria Maria really helped us a lot with the organization of the event ! Thanks Kyria Maria and all the staff of Skopelos Village!


10 comments to Getting Married in Greece

  • Elena Emmanouil

    It was really a fairy-tail wedding and behind my glasses i was crying all the time…

    I hope you ‘ll have a wonderful life because your are really wonderful together

    Thank you for the great time there.

    P.S. i want you to be my wedding planner when the time comes…


  • Mary

    I will always be sorry for having missed that wonderful experience, but my mind and wishes were behind you two love birds all the time!
    I’m glad you enjoyed it and i wish you the rest of your life to be even more exciting and pleasant!!!

    All the best

  • […] Ursula racconta nel suo blog Ursula’sTravelinSunnyGreece, scegliere di sposarsi in un’isola greca ha da un lato tutto il fascino romantico della […]

  • Hara

    I recently saw your wedding album and my mind travelled again to the magic island of Scopelos & at the great times we shared !!
    I am sure that time will not fade out any of the wonderful memories we all have from your beautiful wedding!!

    All the Best for Ursy & Kostas !!

    • ursula

      Thank you Hara for your kind words :)
      you cannot imagine how much I was happy when I saw all of you waiting for me, out of the church !
      that picture will for ever be printed in my mind :)
      thanks again for coming !!!
      you made our day special
      filakia polla,

  • LOLA

    Unas fotos preciosa de vuestra boda,me esta entrando envidia ,nosotros no estamos casados y me parece ideal casarse en una isla giega

    • ursula

      muchas gracias Lola !
      era mi sueno casarme en una isla griega, en una iglesia pequeña pequeña blanca …. cerca de la playa ……
      Cuando llegue a la iglesia y vi todo el mundo esperándome … arriba …. con la roba colorada y el contraste de la iglesia blanca … esto no se me olvidara jamas

      Pues mis tías españolas se enamoraron de Grecia y la boda las encanto muchísimo !! pero puedes imaginarte el viaje tan largo ….. que las pobres hubieron que hacer :)

      un beso y piénsalo :)

  • Sylvia


    How did I miss and not comment on the great weekend in Skopelos!!!

    The only thing I want to wish you & Kostas after all theses months is your fairytail never to end….and always be happy and in love!!!

    Thank you for sharing with us the most beautiful memory of your new life… : – )


  • Mira mi prima ursula ,que guapisima que esta en el dia maravilloso de su gran boda griega ,un sueño para ella que al final se cunplio la verdad que ella e kostas los dos guapisimos de verdad ,una boda de juventud,muy alegre sobre todo porque ella es marvillosa,,,te quiero prima ,besos,,,,muaaaaaa,,,,,,,,,,

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