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    Temple of ApolloDelphi

    A couple of days ago we planned our trip to visit the Oracle of Delphi.

    Some info about Delphi  – ελλ. Δελφοι
    Delphi is one of Greece’s most significant historical place and is renowned for its archaeological sites.
    Delphi’s archaeological site is filled with temples and structures, the most important temple being the Sanctuary of Apollo. It was constructed to honor Apollo for establishing the oracle of Delphi. The landscape surrounding Delphi is one of the most breathtaking in Greece – the location is on the slope of a mountain and you can enjoy the view of the whole valley below all the way to the Gulf of Corinth.

    Treasure of Athens and other presentsDelphi is famous for the Oracle: when the priestess was consulted by pilgrims in order to get an answer from the gods, she inhaled the fumes of the hot springs and felt in trans.
    Many decisions have been asked to the Oracle – to start wars, to celebrate weddings or to plan a trip. Even Alessandro the Great visited Delphi in order to listen to the Oracle.
    Delphi moreover was regarded by the ancient inhabitants of Greece as the center of planet earth too.

    How to get to Delphi: Delphi is located about 180km from Athens, the only way to get there is with the car or with the bus.

    Byzantine ChurchLet’s go to my trip
    A couple of days ago we decided to plan our trip to Delphi.
    We left Athens at about 9 am and in only a couple of hours we were at Delphi.

    The Archeological site is divided into two main areas:
    Oracles of Delphi and the Temple of Apollo and the Gymnasium where is located the famous Temple of Athena and  Tholos.

    First we decided to see the Temple of Apollo site, that is when you arrive on the right. There is a nice path that leads you to the place, first you see the rest of a Byzantine church, then going up to the hill all the presents that have been done to the Oracles, like the Treasury  of Athens and finally you get to the temple of Apollo and to the Theater .
    Then we visited the museum, that I found very interesting and after a couple of hours of nice walk we decided to visit the second part of the Archeological Site – the Gymnasium, where the Temple of Athena and the Tholos are located.

    TholosWe found many tourists there and I think that mostly of them are  French  since everything was written in English and in French :)

    I also met a very nice man, with Italian origin (from Udine) that now was living in Australia ! it was amazing to listen to him and all the trips he did and was still doing !! I really hope to do the same when I will be 70s ahahha

    We spent a very nice day, the weather was fine too and i really enjoyed my trip.

    If you are planning to spend one week in Athens and to plan a  couple of days away from Athens I strongly suggest you  to go to Dephi – it’s really just 2 hours of trip and you will enjoy it!


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