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    The romantic town of Nafplion is one of the most famous and also popular tourist destinations in the Peloponnese. It’s very close to Athens – only about 150 km – and also a strategic point to visit  the archeological sites of  Mycenae, Epidaurus Ancient Theatre, Corinth and also the nice beach of Tolo

    Some info about Nafplion – Ελλ. Ναυπλιο

    The beautiful town of Nafplion was the first capital of Greece in early 1830 and you can see it from the huge and outstanding building of the Municipality now that used to be the parliament – overwhelming the beautiful square .

    The city attracts thousands of tourists every year therefore is well organized in terms of touristic infrastructures.

    The Old Town is lovely, with old mansions – most of them completely renovated – nice pedestrians streets full of cafes, tavernas, restaurants and very nice shops.

    But Nafplion most of all is very famous for his Bourtzi and for the Castle dominating the city .



    What to see:

    The fortress of Bourtzi is located in a very small island – in the port of Nafplion.  The fortress of Bourtzi (in Turkish Tower) was build in 1471  by Antonio Gambello, an architect from Bergamo, but the construction was completed by the engineer Brancaleone.

    Palamidi fortress

    The fortress of Palamidi dominates from the hill the whole town of Nafplion. It was build during the venetian occupation in 19th century and it is one of the biggest fortress you can find in Greece. It consists of 8 bastions – linked together but in some way also “separate” in case of any attack.

    You can reach the fortress directly from the town on foot (but be careful …. steps are countless :)  – I was told 999) or you can easily come with the car.

    The entrance is free and you can really enjoy an outstanding view from there – the main central square of Nafplio, the nice beaches, the fortress of  Bourtzi and the outstanding see.

    This fortress has also been used as a prison, and close to the chapel you can find all the jails where also Theodoros Kolokotronis, one of the Revolution leaders has been imprisoned here, charged with high treason, in 1833.

    Let’s go to my trip

    I have visited the nice town of Napflion countless of times. I really love to visit this nice city that is also pretty close to Athens (about 1.30 h)

    Napflion has a magic effect on myself …… when I go there I feel so relaxed and happy …… maybe this is due to the very nice old center, very characteristics, to the nice cafes or mouthwatering food or just for the Bourtzi ….

    Napflio is a very nice place to spend a day, a visit to the Palamidi fortress is a must and if you want to eat in a fish taverna on the beach  …. just 10 minutes by car you can reach the nice fisherman  town (and very touristic)  of Tolo.

    I also recommend to spend your day in the outstanding beach of Vivari, close to Tolo – we spent an amazing day there, that beach is not very touristic therefore you can really enjoy your stay. We spent the whole day laying in one amaca, under the shadows or nice umbrellas … listening to light music and drinking  amazing caffe’ frappe  ……

    Ciao !



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