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    My Dear Readers – Pelion.

    Surprisingly as first place I am not going to talk about magic Santorini, or any of the beautiful greek Islands I visited – but I would like to tell you about a recent trip I have done for New Years’ Eve – my travel to Pelion.

    The reason is very simple: Pelion is a place it’s worth visiting  all year long, so if you have any project to come to Greece in the next weeks / months, this could be a good suggestion.

    Some info about Pelion – ελλ. Πηλιο.

    Pelion is a mountain situated in central Greece, a 4 hours trips by car from Athens – some of my friends say even less, but it depends on the traffic and on the way you drive :)

    The main close city is Volos, that has both a great port and the airport.

    This place is really beautiful because it is a hook-like peninsula, between “2 seas” – Aegean on the right and the Pagasetic Gulf on the left. In mythology this is the place of centaurs

    It’s also a ski center – imagine, skiing with a view of 2 seas and …. at the end of the day you just go down to the beach and have a bath !

    Let’s go to my trip

    My boyfriend decided to bring me to this place for celebrating the incoming 2010 . He  arranged everything and  I only had to prepare our (or to be honest mine)  huge and very heavy suitcases … (just for 3 days of trip !!! but you know I am Italian, fashion addicted and I couldn’t forget shoes and bags for any eventual needs)

    I was very curious to see this new place –Makrinitsa, the balcony of Pelion – everybody was telling me so good things about it.

    When we arrived at Volos I suddenly understood why they called Makrinitsa the balcony of Pelion – you should see this beautiful town up on the mountain, like if houses were sticked to the earth .

    The houses in Pelion are a very particular shape  – like towers – and reminded me about medieval buildings.

    We visited immediately Makrinitsa – really beautiful

    It’s all pedestrian, with nice characteristic houses, with shops from the entrance that lead you to the main square, with the ancient plane tree . Makrinitsa is very famouse for her  herbs , teas and chamomiles – I strongly recommend to buy some and we don’t have to forget their characteristic rolled sweets with nuts, sesame seeds and caramel.

    On the main square there is a foutain, a nice church and a beautiful view to Volos.

    The weather was very nice, despite it was end December there still were about 20 degrees, and many people were enjoying  the sun on the big main square, sitting, eating, having coffees – just relaxing.

    We had very nice time in Makrinitsa – the town in the evening is so magic too !

    This is a very romantic place to stay in winter – imagine this place with the snow – and a good and “fresh” place for Summer, where you can enjoy some fresh air and have nice walks in the forests.

    Around Makrinitsa

    If you have time and do not want to stay in your beautiful and romantic hotel in Makrinitsa, there are plenty of nice places to visit.

    Pelion Peninsula

    On foot from Makrinitsa you can go to Portaria. It’s a nice walk, where you can enjoy the view and the nature. Portaria is very nice small town, very characteristic too. From the main square you have a wonderful view of Volos.

    If you want to take the car and see the beautiful Pelion Peninsula there are many nice towns to visit. It’s a long way, going up and down the mountain, but it is very relaxing and the view is amazing – siga’ siga’ (slowly slowly). You can stop for a coffee and enjoy the view, or have have lunch in a very nice tavernas in the small towns up on the mountains – I strongly recommend to eat stifado and all local “meat” dishes – or you can go down to the coast and eat fish in a psari taverna.

    You will see the ski center, from there you have a view to both seas.  You should visit nice Milies, famous also for the train that takes you from Ano Ieonia to Milies (unfortunately it was closed when we went, since it was winter – but next time we will go to Pelion we will for sure take this very nice and characteristic train). A friend of mine also suggested me just to follow the rails from Milies train station and to go down on foot to the coast. He told me that it’s a very nice walk! And … for your way back, well …. Take a taxi J .

    Close to Milies there is also a very nice tiny town called Visitsa – since you arrived to Milies it’s worth to go also to visit this small jewel of Pelion.

    We haven’t visited much of the other coast towns – that are really Summer locations. My Greek friends told me that this is a great area for Summer.


    Volos is considered one of the main important cities in Greece. It’s located between Salonika and Athens I was positive impressed by this very nice city!

    It has a very active port – from there you can go to my favorite islands – Sporades Islands – and also an airport.

    The center is all pedestrian, Agio Nikoalu fully dominates the small streets of the center and there are very nice shops! I would suggest you to visit this city during working days / Saturday. All along the port there are plenty of very nice bars where you can stop and enjoy the sea and the nice Sunny Greek weather.

    Milies Main Square

    My memories of Pelion stop here for the moment. We will come back to see this beautiful place in Spring  and Summer and of course when there is also the snow.

    Ciao !


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