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    My Dear Readers – Milos.

    A couple of years ago I was looking for a new destination for our Summer Holidays.

    I wanted to stay in Greece but to visit a non-touristic island and …. I heard about Milos….

    I started gathering information about this island located in the Cyclades, and what I heard it was very positive! What it struck me it was that Milos is called the Island of a thousand colours and I love colours !!

    So we decided to leave to Milos for one week.

    Some info about Milos – ελλ. Μήλος

    Milos is a wonderful volcanic island of the Cyclades with crystal clear waters.

    The easiest way to get to Milos is with the boat – there is also a small airport but you need to buy the tickets a lot in advance!

    Milos is quite a big Island: even if you spend 2 weeks in Milos you will never get bored. There are so many beaches to visit, places to see that actually you need some time to enjoy the island. Most of the beaches are reachable with the car but some of them you should need a jeep to get to – Honestly I would not suggest to rent a motorbike in Milos, for sure funny but quite risky.

    Let’s go to my trip

    When we decided the destination I was crazy trying to find a Windmill as studios – but despite it was June all of them where already rented for August! Therefore … if you are planning to go to Milos and you are looking for this particular experience of staying in one Windmill book it in advance :)

    Anyway we found a beautiful studio near Sarakiniko – by the beach. It was quite far from all the main beaches located in the south (20 minutes by car) , but very quiet and romantic: I slept listening to the sound of the waves for almost every night…

    Departure at Piraeus at about 7am – estimated arrival time 3pm (I hate speedy boat therefore we took the normal ferry) – quite a long trip actually :). For our great surprise on the boat there were many people wearing a T-Shirt saying – I love Milos. That was very good signal that our destination was right!

    The trip was very nice – it was no windy at all – the sea looked like a lake – it was very warm and sunny. Since I had many hours before reaching Milos I tried to collect all info about it, as always reading my Lonely Planet AND of course listening to what other people was saying: you cannot imagine how many good information you can get on the boat!

    Before arriving to Milos we went through the first Cyclades island – next possible future destinations and …. finally Milos was there – waiting for us, with its white rocks, turquoise waters and characteristic villages!

    The main village and port is Adamas. It is a nice village, full of shops, tavernas and also a long beach – but all interesting places to visit are far from the port

    First beach we visited was Paliochori – nice beach with natural hot springs in …. freezing waters… You could do snorkeling and see all the bubbles coming from the sand. Nice experience ! We spent a couple of days in this beautiful coloured beach.

    But that was only the first of many beautiful beaches:

    Papafrangas / Filakopi is a sandy beach between 2 cliffs with real crystalline water. If you go there is seems to swim in a swimming pool.

    Sarakiniko: this beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Milos and very particular one: it seems to walk on the moon. It’s completely bright white, all rocks have been shaped by the wind and the waters in the years, and the contrast with the turquoise of the sea is great. Very impressive.

    Tsigrado: gorgeous small beach with green waters. You need some ability of free climbing to get to this beautiful beach – but I succeeded anyone can do it!

    Firiplaka: this is an amazing beach with huge multicolored rock dominating the sea. You can see the history of the earth looking at these cliffs

    I also suggest to go to Kleftiko – we took the touristic boat and had a very great time! We dived, did snorkeling and spend all the time in the crystal waters

    Apart from amazing beaches, there are many nice villages in Milos to visit.

    Plaka – the town on the top of the hill –  is very characteristic – with all these streets, shops and tavernas BUT do not forget a good pair of shoes to go up to there! At the end of the main street- up on the hill – there is a famous bakery/ bar where there is a great view and where you can taste the famous Milos chocolate cake.

    Klima is a stunning town on the sea, extremely characteristic! It’s seems to see a postcard, with those beautiful coloured fisherman houses – syrmata- carved into the rocks

    At Mandrakia there is a wonderful white church, by the sea. It is also a good place to for dinner / lunch since there are nice tavernas.

    Pollonia is a very nice village, the second most important in Milos. It is a charming fishing village, with a nice beach but I recommend this place for a romantic dinner – in Pollonia you can taste delicious spaghetti with lobster.

    Shortly Milos is an island I fully recommend to people that do not like overcrowded island, for couples and families. There is a place for anyone but this is not Mykonos :)

    See you in the next days, for new memories of my past trips

    Ciao !


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