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    Alonissos is the first Greek Island I visited – and thanks to this Summer trip I decided to come back  to spend my Holidays in this Sunny and beautiful country again.

    Alonissos is not only the first island I visited in Greece but … I decided to come again and  for my surprise it was exactly the same: beautiful.

    If you are looking for a quiet and romantic Island but most of all if you want to spend many hours doing snorkeling in the sea, this is the right destination ! Alonissos has the cleanest waters in the Aegean Sea.

    Some information about Alonissos – ελλ. Αλονvησος
    Alonissos belongs to the Sporades Islands, in the north of Greece and it is very green. It is located close to Skopelos and the only way to get to Alonissos is with the boat, despite on many maps they point out an airport that has never been build ! If you are coming with a charter you would land in Skiathos and then from there you will take a boat to Alonissos. There are plenty of connections in Summer.

    Alonissos is mostly known for its beauty, its amazing beaches, its crystal waters but most of all for the marine park. If you are lucky you can see a rare species of monk seal, the Monathus Monachus. (an ex colleague of mine worked for the park and she told me that she had this great experience to see a small one, close to Marpounta !!!!)

    Let’s go to my trip
    As anticipated at the beginning of this post, I went twice to Alonissos. I decided to come back to this beautiful Island because I had the feeling that there was something missing from my previous trip – I had the dream to stay in the Palio’ Chorio’ – a very nice small village situated on the top of the hill, at 3 km from Patitiri, the main town and port of Alonissos. And this time I stayed there, on top of the hill, dominating the Island, with view to wonderful sunset from our balcony .. my dream came true !

    palio chorioPalio’ Chorio‘ – Old town of Alonissos was the old capital of the island, until in 1965 when there was a earthquake that destroyed everything and people moved to the sea, and build the new capital of the Island, Patitiri. Now all the old town has been restored and I may say it is simply elegant, chic, wonderful and gorgeous ! It is a calm place – and this is why I really love it –  with whitewashed old houses (all restaured), all pedestrian, with narrow paved streets and stairs that bring you from the main square of the town to the hill. On your way you will find traditional caffes with life music in the night, very nice restaurants with suggesting view to the island. It is really a breathtaking experience.
    In case you are staying in old chora or if you are going there just one evening for having a look, I strongly recommend to bring a pashima (scarf) or a jacket – if it is windy it might be quite cold.
    There are good connections with the bus from Patitiri to the old town all day long.

    Patitiri is the new capital of the Island and main port too. Since it is a new town – I may say it is not very characteristic. In Patitiri you will find a good bakery, all shops, clubs and restaurants.

    Votsi is a very nice village close to Patitiri with a small charming port where you will find romantic fish tavernas. Suggestion: If you decide to spend there a night pay attention to the mosquitoes ! Be prepared otherwise they will suck all your blood – like they did to us :) Myself and my friend John kept on scratching for all the rest of our holidays ….. with a lot of pain :)

    Gerakas – please do avoid your trip to Gerakas. The way is not very nice, most of all if you are driving a scooter, and after 40 minutes of driving from Patitiri you will just see an old port … nothing else.

    DSC_0679Talking about Alonissos there is not a beach that I prefer because all of them are astounding ! The only comment I must say in order to make you  enjoy your stay, in all the beaches you will find small white stones, apart from Kokinokastro and Chrisi Milia.  All beaches are simply amazing, most of them are organized – still never overcrowded – and with a good pair of shoes you can run and walk on the beach.

    Kokinokastro – the name of this beach comes from Kokino & Kastro  – red castle. Red due to the colours of the sand of of the rocks surrounding this beautiful bay. Kastro because they say that with the earthquake the walls of the ancient city  have been covered by the sea …… this is the reason why this is the beach where people spend hours doing snorkeling to find it …… Well …. as you might imagine I have been looking for it for days …. but with no success :( maybe next time !

    Agios Dimitrios is a very charming long beach – with a corner shape that you can see even from very far when approaching with your car. Since the beach is very white the colour of the waters seem even more crystal.

    Leftos Gialos could be considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Alonissos, a real paradise with it’s crystalline turquoise waters and green vegetation surrounding the beach. There are nice and romantic tavernas where you can come also in the night to enjoy a dinner you will never forget …….

    Chrisi Milia‘ is a very nice, organised, sandy beach.

    Marpounta is the most south beach of Alonissos. Now it is a tourist resort, with hotels and bungalows complexes watching the sea. The first time I came to Alonissos I stayed there and I got 3 kg in 5 days …… the food was simply amazing! My mouth is still watering :)

    Along all the coast you will find nice white beaches with turquoise waters – the only difficult thing you have to do is to choose where to stop :)

    What I will never forget about Alonissos – eating fish in nice tavernas by the sea, under the shadow of olive trees and listening to life music on the Chora  with the breathtaking view of the Island and its sunset.

    Alonissos is an island I suggest anyone to visit at least once ! It is very quiet, romantic, chic and won’t disappoint.

    Ciao !

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