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Finally Skopelos … in Summer !!

Finally we did it my dear readers ! Finally we visited Skopelos in Summer Time, for Summer Holidays !

As you may have read in my blog I already visited this lovely Island “the Island of MAMMA MIA !” a couple of times …….

I went there in October, end of Season and everything was […]

Easter …. in Skopelos ….. a touching experience ……

My Dear Readers – Skopelos

I had in mind to dedicate the new chapter of my blog to Monemvassia – wonderful location in Peloponnese- but I spent Easter in Skopelos, and it has been such a nice and touching experience that I need to write about.

Our trip to Skopelos

This Easter we decided […]


Dear readers – Skiathos , sorry for my long absence but I have been quite busy for work and for my wedding too :)

But believe me every day I was thinking about you, about my dear readers and about my next trip to describe …..

So I am very happy to tell you that […]


Alonissos is the first Greek Island I visited – and thanks to this Summer trip I decided to come back to spend my Holidays in this Sunny and beautiful country again.

Alonissos is not only the first island I visited in Greece but … I decided to come again and for my surprise it […]