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    Enjoy my video on Santorini OIA
    Santorini is the most suggestive Greek Island. It is so beautiful that I came back twice – to see the most beautiful sunset of the World ….

    Some info about Santorini  – ελλ. Σαντορινη

    Santorini is located in the Cyclades islands, in the middle of Aegean Sea. Santorini is a volcanic island that faces the famous caldera.

    Since Santorini is one of the most famous destination of Greece, it is very connected to all other Greek Islands and to Piraeus and there is also an airport.

    The main colours of Santorini are: the black of the rocks, the white of the Cyclades houses and the green of the water.

    Let’s go to my trip

    As anticipated previously, I visited Magic Santorini twice ! It is so much impressive that I think I will come back this Summer ….

    The first time I went to Santorini it was by boat .. I was in Paros and somebody suggested us to spend a couple of days in Santorini because it was really beautiful.

    We went to a travel agency in Paros that helped us to find a studios and since it was just for 1 night they suggested us to stay in Oia – a beautiful town with view to Caldera and …. view to the most suggestive sunset in the world …..

    From the port the first impression I had of Santorini it was that this Island was something different ! All the houses on top of the black cliffs seemed to be snow at a first sight !

    It was August and it was very hot ! with no wind …… When we arrived at Oia I was blind due to the light reflected by the classic Cyclades white houses and the light reflected by the sea.

    Our studio too was a great and nice surprise! In Paros we were staying in a very Spartan place …  and that studio in Oia was so elegant that I was afraid to enter.


    firaFira is the main town in Santorini and it is located in the middle of it. It is close to the port and to the airport too. In Fira there is the main bus station with connection with all the places of the island.

    It is a  typical Cycladic village made of charming white houses with blue windows and doors, separated from each other by small paved streets. From Fira you have an incredible view to the volcano and a very nice sunset. Most Greek postcards represent this charming town.

    Fira is a very busy town – lot of tourists, lot of hotels, nice restaurants, souvenir shops and in Summer streets are overcrowded. The nightlife is amazing !

    Oia is the most charming village in Santorini.  It a very picturesque village, with wonderful view to caldera. It is famous throughout the world for its impressive sunset: people start crowding after 7.00pm in order to see the most beautiful sunset of the world. I would suggest you to go there earlier at 6.00 pm and try to have a sit on the nice bars from where you can enjoy your greek coffee (caffe’ frappe’) while you are waiting for the sunset.

    From Oia you can take a narrow path to go down to the port …… but do not underestimate your way back ! to go down it’s easy … to climb up it is different most of all if it is hot  …. and if there are donkeys going up and down …. a real nightmare!! Still it is a very nice experience.


    Honestly I would not suggest Santorini as Summer destination if you are looking for nice white beaches. The sea is clean but since the color of the rocks is black it is not very much inspiring.

    Perissa is a very touristic village with a nice and wide beach.

    Red Beach – it is the most famous beach in Santorini. The beach is quite narrow and actually it is quite difficult to find a free umbrella. This beach is so impressive due to the black and red rocks behind it that people just come to have a look at it. In order to get there you should walk for a while.

    I fully recommend to see Santorini at least for a couple of days. It’s very suggestive. There are very few like Santorini in the world.

    Ciao !


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