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    Before writing about Skopelos I was thinking and actually I wanted to describe other trips I have done years ago – Santorini, Paros, Kos, Patmos, Alonissos etc … .

    Still since Skopelos is the Island where I am going to get married, I think it deserves more from me and that actually maybe it was supposed to be the FIRST Island I should have told you about ….

    Honestly the main motivation that stopped me about writing regarding Skopelos as a first Greek destination – it is that unfortunately we visited this beautiful green island out-of-season and maybe I won’t be able to give my best to describe you how much beautiful this island is. Actually despite everything was closed, the beaches were empties and everything was sleeping  – guys you cannot believe how chic this island is! This island impressed so much my fiance’ Kostas and myself that we decided to get married in  Skopelos – next 26th June in the Panagia of Skopelos, the small little white church on the bay of Skopelos.

    Some info about Skopelos – ελλ. Σκοπελος

    Skopelos is one of the 3 islands of the Sporades – located close to Volos (north Greece). Skopelos is located between Skiathos (second Mykonos in Greece) and Alonissos.

    Now it is very famous thanks to the movie of Mamma Mia ! where everybody in the world could see the beautiful beaches with clean crystalline waters, the white rocks and the amazing pine tree forest that dominates Skopelos.

    In Skopelos there is no airport – therefore the only way to get to this island is with the boat: from Volos, Agios Konstantinos or Thessaloniki and in Summer a couple of times a week also from the nice village of Kymi.

    Let’s go to my trip

    As already anticipated Skopelos is where we are going to celebrate our Wedding. I must be honest – we decided this location because I loved Mamma Mia! movie and I wanted to get married in Agios Ioannis like Sophy ! I wanted to be a star ! Therefore we fixed our trip to Skopelos in late October, in order to go and see with our eyes this island and most of all the 200 steps you had to do to get up to Agios Ioannis Church.

    We found the only one hotel still open in Skopelos in that period  (or they just opened for us) and I can assure you that we were the only tourists wandering in Skopelos– apart from few English we found in one taverna one evening.

    Since we arrived in the night we couldn’t understand how was the island – I have been there years ago and I remembered that it was beautiful (and very hot!)– still you know, things change and you change too …. and I was very curious.

    When we woke up the next day, everything was a great surprise! The Chora (Skopelos Town) was even more beautiful as I remembered – very nice, clean with all this fresh white painted houses and all the wood balconies – I can only imagine how much beautiful this small town will be in Summer, with all the flowers, all tavernas and bars open and the shops full of colorful souvenirs.

    Strolling in the Chora I saw that many nice new bars opened, very chic and of course many places were named like the movie Mamma Mia !

    Unfortunately we only had a long weekend to stay in Skopelos and we had to see all the island to understand if that was the right one – for our Wedding :)

    We rented the car and we started discovering Skopelos.

    They say that Skopelos is the greenest island in Greece – and I can confirm it. The forest goes down to the sea and it is simply amazing to see the forests reflected in the crystal waters.

    As I told before all the beaches were empty  – therefore I cannot say how they will be in Summer. What I can tell is that all of them are huge (for Greek island,  not comparing to Italian Riviera) the sea is simply wonderful everywhere, you can smell the pine tree forest, there are tavernas close to the beaches and there is also where you can park your car !!!! (despite I know that in Skopelos in Summer there is a good Bus service that lead you from the Chora to the beaches). So what do you need to know more !

    Following you will find some pics of the beaches we have seen:

    • Kastani
    • Milia (the beach of Mamma Mia!)
    • Panormos
    • Stafylos

    no comments are requested –  images simply  talk by themselves

    Concerning Agios Ioannis – I was very curious to see this wonderful tiny church located up in the rock. We had to drive to get to Agios Ioannis – actually it is not round the corner. It is half an hour from Skopelos Town and 20 minutes from Klima – a very nice small village  that faces Skiathos. Once we arrived my brain, that elaborates 1.000 of info in a second, started making the pro and contra about the place, actually I found more countra:

    • where people will park the car,
    • if we are going to rend a minibus where we can park it
    • there are no donkeys there !
    • how I would be able to reach the steps to go up to Agio Ioannis  with my sandals … someone should have to hold me
    • and of course ! how many steps shall I do until I get up to the Church ?

    Despite of all of that contra, I was trying to convince myself that we could manage it! Even when we got up (15 minutes and we had pains in our legs for the 2 consecutive days) I was saying: this is simply amazing ! and it was – from Agios Ioannis you can see Alonissos, you have a beautiful view and at sunset (the time of our Wedding) it should be simply romantic ….

    Still the contra started to shout at me – I say shout because the pro where very confident about winning  – this is a stunning place !!! but  my father will never get there … my friends will hate me … and I may also fall down and destroy by beautiful and expensive wedding dress!!!

    So  – after a long internal struggle – we decided to change our Church and we are going to get married in the beautiful Panagia of Skopelou. Next update in my blog you will see the pics of our wedding :)

    Last place I would recommend to go and visit is Klima, a small town located over Glossa. From Klima you have an amazing view of Skiathos !



    ps. you may find useful to have a look at Skopelos official Website – I honestly found it very useful, with plenty of info about where to stay, what to do and how to get to Skopelos


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