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    I visited Monemvasia a couple of  years ago, when I went to Elafonissos.

    The main thing I can say about this place is the holy atmosphere that dominates everywhere  ….. magic !

    Some info about Monemvassia  – ελλ. Μονεμβασια

    Monemvasia is a beautiful medieval fortress located in the south east of the Peloponnese. The only way to get to this town is with the car.  It’s a trip of 3 -4 hours from Athens, quite a long trip across Corinth, Sparta and all Peloponnese.

    The fortress is located on a small peninsula – actually on a huge rock – and from the main way is very well hidden – unless you know it you cannot understand that there is a small town  … just behind the rock …..

    You get to Monemvasia by a small bridge from the adjacent town. This magic towns attract so many tourists every year … simply for the beauty of its ruins …the walls of the castle ….. the many Byzantine churches (40 in such a small place) that are scattered all along the narrow streets

    Monemvasia Details

    Let’s go to my trip

    I visited Monemvasia a couple of years ago – when I spent my holidays in the beautiful tiny island of Elafonissos.

    My boyfriend told me …. I will bring you in the most Greek beautiful town … you will love it ! (some people may complain that this is not typical Greek style, but what Kostas meant is that he considers Monemvasia the  most beautiful town in Greece)

    From Elanonissos it was a nice trip of 1 hour max – I think we got lost a couple of times :) but the view from the mountains was simply amazing ….

    Finally when we arrived in Monemvasia I was quite disappointed because … the town that was in front of me … was not so beautiful or let’s say close to a fortress …… And … then I realized that beautiful Monemvasia was hidden behind the huge rock that was facing the small port …… amazing !!!

    We crossed the bridge and parked the car…. and walked until we entered in Monemvasia that is all pedestrian.

    The colour of this medieval town is brown, like the earth, like the rock where it is based  ….. this has been done on purpose in order to camouflage itself and no one could see Monemvasia from the sea of from the earth .

    I am not mistaken the name of Momenvasia means one entrance  – that is that main door you find to enter the town.

    Church in Monemvasia

    Monemvasia is simply amazing ! there are many narrow streets, nice characteristic shops, beautiful restaurants with huge balconies facing the Aegean Sea …. and many many many beautiful Byzantine Churches.

    The place is such a holy town that people do not talk … whispers …. everywhere …. even in the streets and in the shops …

    We had dinner there …. and I really enjoyed it ……

    For sure I will come back to this place and I would stay inside the Chora …. quite expensive but it will worth !

    I strongly recommend a visit to Monemvasia if you are in the South East of Peloponnese



    ps. if you are leaving Monemvasia in the night …… and you park the car on the street that leads from the bridge to Monemvasia (or viceversa) just take a torch with you ! (unless there is the full moon) There are no lamps on that street and your way back could be quite risky :)

    ciao !

    ps2 – there are also nice beaches close to Monemvasia … but if you want the best just go to Elafonissos :)

    ps3 – All the pics you find here are of some colleagues of mine Thanasis  and Yannis that just went to Monemvasia and did the shooting for us! Ευχαριστώ !!!

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