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    My dear Readers – Patmos.

    Some years ago I was planning (again) my Summer holidays in Greece. I was looking for a nice, small island – but this time I wanted to move from Cyclades and see something different.

    We started investigating and we saw that DOVE (Italian travel magazine) did a special issue on Patmos – the Island of the Apocalypse. Also some other friends of mine were going there – they already booked and were so excited …. so we went to a travel agency and booked our 2 weeks of holidays. Our destination was KOS and Patmos, Dodecanese Islands.

    Some info about Patmos  – ελλ. Πάτμος

    Patmos is a very tiny island, located in Dodecanese. It has a shape of a seahorse, and from one corner you can see the end of the island. They say that Patmos is one of the most religious Greek Island – this is the Island where Saint John had its revelation and wrote the Apocalypse.

    There is no airport on Patmos. There are good connections with Piraeus or if you are coming with a charter you may land in Kos and then take the boat to get to Patmos.

    Let’s go to my trip

    As I anticipated I was very excited about this trip because for the information I gathered I understood that Patmos was a very chic island ! ΑΝD I am a chic person !

    It was not so easy to get to Patmos. Actually we had a direct flight from Milan to Kos – where we had to spend one night – and only the day after we could go to Patmos. Therefore I would not suggest this destination if you only have 1 week of holidays unless you live in Athens and the trip would be much easier.

    Our hotel was in Skala, a very nice and chic bay and main harbor too. It is just in the middle of the islands: 20 minutes with the scooter from corner to corner !

    Most of the touristic accommodations and I may say “affordable” are there in Skala: Skala is really a charming town where you can find nice taverns, shops and it’s the easiest way to get to all the beaches since you are right in the middle of the island! At that time there was not a good bus service on the island  –  apart the connection from Skala to Chora – therefore I strongly recommend to rent a scooter.


    patmos kastroPatmos – Chora

    As most of the Greek Chora, Patmos is simply marvelous! it’s located up on the mountain, about 4 km from Skala, with beautiful view to the sea. It is all pedestrian and really really chic.

    In the Chora you will find charming shops, taverns, restaurants, bars and cafes and of course hotels and studios (rooms to rent). Staying in Chora I think it is a very romantic experience – a quiet and charming place to stay.

    On the main square there is a very nice (actually it was the only one at that time) restaurant – Vangelis that later in the evening – when the restaurant is closed – shares the same tables with the club on the square. When I went there for dinner (I booked 2 days before !!!) there were all main important italian politicians sitting next to us ….. so chic !

    On the Chora there is also a very big and beautiful monastery I recommend to visit – but you should be dressed properly to visit a church – no shirts and not T-Shirt,  you would not be allowed to enter and visit it.

    Cave of Apocalypse

    On your way to Chora on the left you will find the Cave where Agios Ioannis wrote the Apocalypse. It’s very impressive to go there.


    The first thing I must tell you is that I was much impressed to see so many yachts in this island !

    Patmos has several small beaches and four large bays with very crystal waters. In some of them you will fine small stones – Petra and Twins beach – the rest are sandy. On most of them you will find small green trees to stay under their shadows but you must get early to the beach …. the bigger are the ones that are taken first !

    Most of them were organized and there were beautiful beaches that are perfect for having happy hours – with nice bars, with luxury furniture, perfect for laying and have your drink and eat finger food! I told you – this is a very chic island !

    There is one beach (on the island it’s called the beach of the chains) that in order to get there, you should step out of the scooter, open a gate that it is closed and then close it again.

    One sunset  ….

    One day we were coming back from an exhausting day of sunbathing :) when we saw a small white church on top of an hill. Since it was also close to sunset we decided to go and visit it  also to enjoy the view.

    While we were stepping up to the church we started hearing music, like syrtaki – we were so curious that we hurried up to see what was going on ! For our great surprise there was a Priest and some people – they were listening to the music, dancing and eating some typical Greek sweets. When they saw us they invited us to join them and I must say this is one of the most beautiful experience I had here in Greece: in this country you can feel the great hospitality of Greek people. When I will write about Nysiros I will tell you another chapter about their generosity.

    I strongly recommend this island for friends, for teenagers and for couples too.

    Ciao !


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