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    Dear readers – Skiathos , sorry for my long absence but I have been quite busy for work and for my wedding too :)

    But believe me every day I was thinking about you, about my dear readers and about my next trip to describe …..

    So I am very happy to tell you that again, in this chapter, we will go back to Green Sporades Islands – this time to Skiathos !

    Some info about Skiathos  – ελλ. ΣκιαθοςDSC_0873

    Skiathos is the closest to the land and the westernmost island of the Sporades. It is only a couple of hours from Volos by ferry and even closer if you are travelling from Agios Constantinos
    It is the most touristic islands of the Sporades thanks to the international airport (that is also very close to the port about 1 Km)  but most of  all to all his beauties.
    This island actually is very beautiful, very green with many mountains, and extremely dense vegetation and countless number of extremely sandy beaches in crystal waters and a great Kastro to visit ……

    The main and only city is Skiathos Town, which is the port and the “capital” of the island. The rest of the island consists in beautiful large beaches, churches, archaeological sites, many supermarkets, villas, restaurants and numerous huge hotel units all along the coast

    Let’s go to my tripAgistros beach
    Last Summer we decided to go back to Sporades and to spend  one week in Alonissons and the other week of holidays in Skiathos.
    For Alonissos I had clear ideas about where to go, since I have already been there. For Skiathos …. that was different !
    I knew  it was a beautiful islands, with many sandy beaches but for the accommodation I was looking for something chic, our of the ordinary, not a touristic hotel … something very romantic ….
    Well one day surfing on internet I found Villa Athena – and from the images I saw I thought it was exactly what I was looking for ! and I must say it was even more beautiful than expected !

    We were coming from Alonissos – it was a very nice trip ! I took a lot of sun on the boat, it was windy but not too much … it was very relaxing !

    The first impression I had of Skiathos was that this was a very green and beautiful island. While approaching with the boat to the chora you could see the beautiful tiny white  houses, all restored with wood balconies and red roofs and the small peninsula that separates the old from the commercial port.
    The port was very impressive ! and the old port was really full of luxury boats / yachts.

    Once landed we went straight to our Villa Athena to leave our luggages and start the second part of our holidays :)

    Villa Atena was a real nice surprise ! On top of one hill dominating Megali Ammos and all Skiathos Bay, with amazing view and very cozy apartment.

    The more time we were staying in Skiathos the more we were realizing that this island was very different from Alonissos with of course its pro and contra  – very touristic, lot of services, countless number of hotels / houses all along the cost, restaurants …. and many many many people on the beach !  Still very beautiful but maybe better to avoid  in August. The only really disappointing issue of Skiathos was the food ….  we always ate out in restaurants and the quality was not very good …… comparing to other places ……

    All beaches in Skiathos are sandy and in some of them it seems to be in Caribbean  …. the sand is so soft ……. Most of them are organized, with umbrellas, beach bars etc … and a lot of high music ! There is a very good bus connection that brings you to most of the beaches from Skiathos Town. Actually you do not need to rent a car or a scooter.

    Agia Eleni – that was the first Beach we visited. It is right at the end of the main road – that runs all along the coast. I recommend to go to Agia Eleni in order to enjoy a wonderful sunset.
    The beach is organized, with umbrellas, bars etc …..
    Banana  Beach – (it’s quite risky to reach this wonderful beach with the car since it’s very sandy – if you have a jeep no prob.!) Wonderful beach (overcrowded !), very organized ….
    Megali Ammos – nothing special


    Following the link  of all beaches in Skiathos

    Banana BeachThe beaches I loved best …. very far away from people … high music…. chaos !!!!
    In order to reach them you need a car / scooter  since  they are opposite from the coast road and you have to cross the forest.
    Comparing other overcrowded noisy beaches those are a piece of paradise ….. extremely sandy beaches, with crystal sea ….. half organized  … with a small tavern for refreshments

    Megalo Yalos – beautiful long and sandy beach …..
    Megalo Asselinos
    Elies Beach (my favourite !)
    Agistros Beach
    Mandraki Beach

    Skiathos Town
    Skiathos Town is very beautiful. The chora really worth to visit. It’s pedestrian with wonderful houses and colored painted doors ! Actually the doors of Skiathos are a touristic attraction by themselves. Close to the main Church there is a very nice square, full of restaurants where you can enjoy good Italian food, with pizza, pasta etc …. and one restaurant is so beautiful that you would love to have a house like it …..
    The main street Papadiamanti leads you from the port to the centre of the chora, it is very touristic, with lot of shops, restaurants, gelaterie – very nice to have a walk in the evening

    In Skiathos there are 2 ports, the commercial and the old one. They are separated by the little peninsula of Bourtzi, covered with pine trees. On this peninsula are the remains of the old castle built by the Ghisi brothers during the Venetian period (sorry but I didn’t have the time to visit it :) ).

    The old port is quite picturesque despite of the high tourism and is a pleasant place for a walk, boarded with little fishing boats. At the end of it you will find lot of restaurants by the sea …..I would suggest you to book a table the previous day if you want to have dinner there. Still be aware that the quality of food is not extraordinary but the view is very romantic !

    This is a beautiful piece of story you have to visit, one of the principal medieval towns ! In order to go and visit the Kastro there is a quite long way to do with the car and then you have to walk for about 20 minutes.
    The Kastro used to be the main city of the island until 1829. Placed in a very suggestive place, on one rock, close to the sea it’s very suggesting !
    In Kastro there used to be 300 houses and 20 churches. Now actually you cannot see a lot about its gorgeous past … only one church … a square and a couple of restored house … still the view from there is very beautiful.

    I really recommend Skiathos in August to teenagers ! guys that just finished the high-school and want to do a break before the incoming University year … there you find lot of beautiful beaches, discos and night life!!!

    I recommend Skiathos to family and couples but NOT in August

    Still be aware about the quality of the food … I warned you !
    ciao !

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